St. John's and House of Bethany Episcopal High School and Elementary School
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St. John's and House of Bethany Epsicopal School Convention, 2006


Friday, September 1: Welcoming Party

The welcoming party was held at the home of Mr. Joe and Mrs. Comfort Dassin on Staten Island, NY.

Saturday, September 2: Gala Awards Dinner

Joe Bernard Kai Jimmeh, Class of '66, is guest speaker. He is wearing the school uniform.
Dr. Robert G. Sherman and Mayme Wayne. Mrs. Elaine Smith Freeman.
The emcee of the program, McLeod Darpoh. President Feweh Sherman and McLeod Darpoh.
Induction ceremony. Board members of the Alumni Association, Dr. Hannah A. Jones and Dr. John Varney Singler.
Dr. Hannah A. Jones speaking on behalf of the board. Former math instructor Torre Bissell.
French teacher Omura Baba Toure and school nurse Olu Bowen.  
The award presentations to honorees.  
Nathaniel Davis in center. I.R. William Sr. and S. Jabaru Carlon.
Presentation to I.R. William Sr. by the president. Bendu Sherman and Izetta Thompson, members of the Tri-state Chapter.
Lao Sherman and Christian Freeman. Ronate T. Paasewe and Sando Jones.
Ernest C. B. Bruce thanking everyone for coming at the end of the ceremony.
  Dr. Christian Peabody, immediate past president, and guest.

Sunday, September 3: Service

Sunday, September 3: Picnic

The picnic was also held at the home of Mr. Joe and Mrs. Comfort Dassin on Staten Island, NY.

Betsy Fahnbulleh-Massaquoi and Rose Parsons-King at the end of the farewell party.