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EHS-EES Leadership Council

2013-2014 Leadership


National Officers

Regional VPs

Samuel A. Abdullai Sr., President
Lawrence L. Morgan, Vice President
Bendu Fahnbulleh-Giddings, Secretary
William C. Paasewe, Treasurer
Alice Kromah, Chaplain

Christian Freeman, Southwest
Sylvanus Golakai, South
F. Momo Fahnbulleh, Midwest
Sando Kiawu-Jones, Eastern
Ellen Freeman-Clemons, Southeast
Frank J. Mellish, Northeast
Contact information for regional VPs (Word document)

Board Members Standing Committees

Dr. Kate C. Bryant
Dr. Yede Dennis
Dr. Hannah A. Bowen-Jones
Dr. John Vaanii Singler
Cllr. Mohamed F. Jones
Mrs. Merlyn Robertson
Mrs. Janet McLaughlin
Mr. David McLaughlin

Robert G. Sherman, Membership
William F. Sherman, Reconstruction
Rev. Mother Flemister, Welfare & Concern
Harriet King-Davis, Youth Wing

President's Biography  
Samuel A. Abdullai, Sr.
President Samuel A. Abdullai, Sr.

I have been married to my wife Mattie for 31 years and we are blessed with 3 girls and 1 boy. We are immigrants from Liberia West Africa and have lived in Shoreview since May 1996 and became naturalized US citizens in 2004.

I studied in Germany, and achieved a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering from Hannover Technical college, in Hannover, Germany; fluent in German and French languages; have had several years of working experience in Iron Ore Mining and processing and Aviation Refueling Management.

I presently work at Vision-Ease Lens Inc. on 7000 Sunwood Drive NW Ramsey, MN 55303 as Engineering Manager for North America with responsibilities to Supervise new Assembly install, Automation and manufacturing processes in both the US and Indonesia.

My family is member of St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in Roseville, MN 55113-4290, where I served as member of the vestry for 3 years 1999 to 2001 and on the Diocesan Discernment committee of the Episcopal Church in MN for 1 year in 2001.

At St. Christopher’s I regularly perform in LEM and have serve on the Outreach and BA committees.

History of Occupational Performances and Community Services


Worked for over 16 years (1975 – 1993) at Bong Mining companies and rose to Superintendent of the Mechanical Department, responsible for supervision and function of the following departments:

  • Railroad transport: transporting over 13-15million t.p.a. via rail to the port in Monrovia.
  • Civil Engineering: Design and construction of Staff and workers houses to include over 200 modern concrete
  • Bungalows (2-4 bedrooms, year-round maintenance of the Kakata Haindii Highway and constructions of over 300 miles
  • Farm to market laterite motorways in Furmah District: Design and built the first ever Mechanical (cable driven) Pontoon boat to transport people and goods across the St. Paul river in Fumah district, when it was most needed by the displaced Liberian citizenry during the civil crisis.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Supervised new design and retrofit, repair and maintenance of all mechanical assemblies and components required for optimal operation of Light and Heavy duty transport vehicles in the mine and all production plant and housing assemblies at Bong Range and the BMC Port in Monrovia.
  • Port Operations: Optimal and efficient into ship loading of processed Iron ore (13-15 million t. p. a), to supply our customer in Europe and South & North America Markets.
  • Mobil Oil Aviation Supervisor: Responsible for safe into Airplane refueling of Jet-A1 at the Monrovia James Spriggs Airfield for 1½ year up to the start of the April 6th hostility in Monrovia
  • Community Services: President of the PTA of the Bong Education center for over 8 years and up to the time of civil conflict, when the school was shut down. Chairman of the Board for Club Bong Range 63 for over 12 years up to the disruption of operations at the mines by the civil war in 1990.


Over 13 years employed with Vision-Ease Lens Inc., rising from Process Technician at start to now Engineering Manager for North America. Vision Ease Lens Inc. is the 4th largest polycarbonate eyewear producing company in the US.

Community Services: Former vestry member and now LEM at St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in Roseville. Former member of the Diocesan Discernment committee of the Episcopal Church in MN.

2007 to present, Board Member of the Episcopal Church Homes in MN and serving as treasurer of the Board. Former Member of the Transition Committee for the election of the 9th Bishop of the Minnesota Diocese of the Episcopal Church.

2008 to present, Board Member of the League of Minnesota Human Rights commission and served as Chairman of the Education committee for 2 years.

2006 to present, Member of the Human Right Commission of the City of Shoreview, Minnesota and have served in the capacity of Co-Chairman for two terms.


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