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THEN & NOW: St. John's, House of Bethany

A compelling and condensed video history of the Episcopal Mission in Robertsport, Liberia


From the Epilogue

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And so the story goes, that a highly successful and productive mission of the Episcopal Church in Liberia, was served by many in a spirit of selfless giving and mentoring to young minds in this idyllic part of Liberia.  They came from near, and many came from thousands of miles away; all in a spirit of giving. 

In making our plea to all of our friends and well-wishers, we do so in the name of all of the missionaries who give so much to building and maintaining these institutions, and in the name of Edgar Bolling Robertson. 

He came to Liberia, went to Robertsport as a young man, rolled up his sleeves, and delved into his life’s work, building the Episcopal High School, and leading a mission in molding the young minds of scores of Liberian professionals who now reside in continents around the world today. 

Nathaniel Baker, Charlie Harvey, and Bolling Robertson on St. John's Campus ca. 1944

Nathaniel Baker, Charlie Harvey, and Bolling Robertson on St. John's Campus ca. 1944

It was Bolling’s dying hope that these institutions would be rebuilt and become productive once again.  Please join us in ensuring that his legacy lives on, and that the youth of Liberia can once again enjoy the standard of education that they so well deserve, in this region of Africa.

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Narration: Ernest Bruce (class of '69)
Historian: Dr. Abeodu Johnes (class of '52)
Survey team:
Edison Gbana (class of '55)
Sarah Paasewe (class of '69)
Victor Gailor (class of '81)
Rev. Edgar Freeman (class of '78)
Ernest Bruce (class of '69)
J.A.H. (JoJo) Jones
Additional footage and images: Dr. Christian Peabody (class of '64)
Robert Wickward
Ernest Bruce
Still photographs courtsey Archives of the Episcopal Church
Music: "This Is Africa" Composed and produced by Ernest Bruce
Scenes from "Liberia: The Love of Liberty..." courtsey Gerald K. Barclay
Copyright 2007 by Bruce/CIMT Productions