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St. John's and House of Bethany Epsicopal School 2014 Convention


The EHS-EES Convention is held on a yearly basis at different locations throughout the United States and Canada.


To carry out its many different functions, the Executive Board is empowered to make decisions and right actions for the good of the organization.

These meetings are open to any and all organizations members who care to attend.


2014 Convention Information

Remarks from the National President, 2014 Convention

Fellow Alumni, we come to convention this year with mixed feelings and suspense with the Ebola situation in Liberia and continue the wish our country well and God’s guidance for a quick recovery and resumption of normal Liberian behavior and life. If we are to grade ourselves (both executives and members) for the past business year, that would be a grade C (C+). The 15th convention authorized 5 distinct projects: (1) Salary Payment; (2) Elementary and (3) High school roof repair (restoration); (4) Pickup Truck acquisition; and a (5) committee of executives to visit Liberia on a fact-finding mission. The salary and trip were the priority and must-do. We upheld the salary but unfortunately the trip fell short due to the Ebola epidemic in Liberia and committee members were not willing to take the risk of ignoring the international/local health alert and warnings for our own safety. The trip has been temporarily postponed to early next year. God willing, we are all hopeful that it will be executed. Click here for the full remarks by National President Sam Abdullai.

Report on the Alumni-Supported Projects

Click here to read the Minutes of the 16th EES/EHS Convention in Laurel, Maryland (Adobe .PDF file).

Click here for Feweh Sherman's report on the projects undertaken in 2013 and 2014 (Adobe .PDF file).

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Photos from the 2014 Convention

Click here to view photos from the banquet by Mohamedu F. Jones, Esq.