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St. John's and House of Bethany Epsicopal School

New Roof Being Put on the Elementary School

Replacement of the roof on the Episcopal Elementary School in Robertsport from the unhealthy and damaged asbestos material to the best-quality grade of zinc was started in April. The estimated cost of the work, submitted by the principal of the joint schools, is $16,0750.

The roof is a collaboration in ministry between St. John’s Episcopal Church, Worthington, Ohio and the EES-EHS Alumni Association, USA, through the Partners-in-Ministry-in-Liberia (PIMIL) of St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Westerville, Ohio.

The churches donated funds of $12,000 to the project. At the convention, the Class of '79 promised to donate the balance of $4,000 to complete the project. 

These pictures show the midpoint of the work, but EES is awaiting the pledged contribution of $4,000 from the Class of ’79 to complete the remainder of the roof restoration. The principal, faculty and students will be so pleased to have the roof of their school completed. 

New Technology Center at the High School

The EHS Technology Center construction is completed; what remains at this time is the completion of the furniture, which are being built.  We will then expect to have all of the necessary computer equipment and supplies installed and ready for use.  

We expect that the opening of the Chemistry Laboratory and the Technology Center will result in a significant increase in enrollment; this means that we should now be working toward the hiring of qualified staff for both segments of the curriculum.

Note from Ernest Bruce in Liberia.

New Technology Center
New Technology Center New Technology Center
New Technology Center New Technology Center

2014 Conference Attendees Donate More Than $4,000 for the Truck

We say a special thanks to friends and members of the Alumni Association, who donated to the purchase of a Pick-up truck during a mini-rally held at the Maryland Convention, 2014. This project was launched two years ago and with your generous contribution, we are now in position to acquire the truck.

A special thank-you to the pastor, the administrative board, and the members of the St. Johns in The Village Church, 224 Waverly Place New York, NY. In 2013, St. Johns in The Village kicked up this project with generous donation of $6,009.

Thank you for your kindness and care. May God richly bless all of our donors.

Names of Donors Amount Donated
Lawrence Morgan; $25.00
Janet Mcglaughin 500.00
Dr. & Rev. Mother Fleminster 500.00
Hammu Jones 500.00
Vesta Brodricks 100.00
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Abdullai 500.00
Jema Mensah 300.00
Armah Fahnbulleh 100.00
Momo Sambola 20.00
Charles Hoffman 50.00
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Fahnbulleh 100.00
Feweh Sherman 100.00
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Jimmeh 100.00
Plate collection 161.00
Alaki Williams 20.00
Dr. John Sinclair 500.00
Fatu Massaquoi Benson 200.00
TOTAL 4,001.00

St. John's in the Village Collects $6,000 for a Truck!

The members of St. John's in the Village, Manhattan, hoped to collect $4,000 towards a four-wheel drive pickup truck during Lent. Instead, they collected $6,000. Other donations came from alumni and from Christ Church New Brighton, Staten Island, NY.

Receiving the check from St. John's in the Village
From left to right, Austin Karneh, Rev. Mary Catherine Young, Feweh Sherman, and Dr. John V. Singler.

To add your donation, you can pay by credit card using PayPal or by check.

If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to "EHS-EES Alumni Association" and mail it to:

William Paasewe
1220 Hogan Ridge Drive,
Grayson, GA 30017

Students at the Schools

Mohamedu F. Jones took these photos on his recent trip to Robertsport. "The students were returning home from school," he said. "We came across them while we were visiting the town, and we chatted with them and took the photos."

Students on the road
School children on the road
Group of students
School group
High school girl High school girls
Middle school girls  

Young girls on the road

Children returning home from Episcopal Elementary School after the school day has ended.


Bowen Teachers Cottage Reconstruction

The Bowen Teachers Cottage is in the midst of construction. The building, 60 by 45 feet, will have four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two storage facilities, and two porches, front and back.

Proposed Technology Center

Owner: Episcopal High School, Diocese of the Episcopal Church of Liberia.
Location: St. John's Campus, Robertsport, Grand Capemount County.
Designed By: Mr. Josef Charles.

Proposed Technology Center on St. John's Campus
Artist's rendering of the new Technology Center at St. John's Campus.
Floor plan layout of the new technology center
Proposed floor plan of the new technology center.

Keep on Truckin': Buy a Truck for the Schools

St. John's in the Village, an Episcopal church in New York City's Greenwich Village, chose to support EHS and EES with their Lenten Project this year. The goal is to raise $4,000 towards a second-hand pickup with four-wheel drive, as part of a joint effort with the U.S. alumni.

St. John's in the Village
Vice president Lawrence Morgan, Dr. John Singler, and past president Feweh Sherman in front of the altar at St. John's in the Village

Dr. John Singler, who taught at the high school from 1971 to 1975 and is now professor of linguistics at New York University and a member of the St. John's congregation, suggested the project.

A member of the congregation and Feweh Sherman during coffee hour Keep on Truckin' button
Stuart Brier, a member of the St. John's congregation, and Feweh Sherman talk
about the project during coffee hour.
Button used to promote the project.

Vice president Lawrence Morgan and past president Feweh Sherman visited the church on Sunday, March 3, when Dr. Singler announced the project to the congregation: "The school is located on the side of the Cape Mount. A pick-up truck with four-wheel drive is vital for getting building supplies and educational materials to the school."

For more information about the Lenten Project at St. John's in the Village, go to their website, You can donate to the project as well using the EHS-EES PayPal system.

The bulletin board describing the Keep on Truckin' project
The bulletin board describing the project. The little truck moving up the side of the mountain shows how much was raised in the first week.

Decorative Security Bars on the Elementary School Windows

This renovation and repair work is supported by St. John's Episcopal Church in Worthingon, Ohio. Many thanks!

Window bars at the elementary school Classroom with the bars installed
Renovation of the window bars at the elementary school. A classroom with the new safety window bars.

Elementary school showing the bars from the outside

Above: EES from the outside showing the installed bars.

Right: A steel door with a new lock.

Steel door

The Library on its Way: 2012

The moving truck in front of the rectory Books coming out of the rectory
The moving truck in front of the Christ Church rectory, where the books were stored in the attic. The front of the rectory with boxes piling up on the porch.
One of three flights of stairs Many hands but it's not light work
On one of the three flights of stairs. Many hands but not light work.
The crew
The crew, plus Feweh Sherman and Fr. Charles Howell.
Here is a list of the types of books that were sent for the library and the elementary schools (220 boxes already in Liberia and on campus):
  • Biology textbooks
  • Biology workbooks
  • Earth science
  • Humanities, miscellaneous
  • Workbooks, miscellaneous
  • History/sociology
  • World literature textbooks
  • Literature workbooks and teaching supplies
  • Physics
  • Earth science textbooks
  • Anatomy workbooks
  • High school math books
  • Organic chemistry
  • Teachers' editions, biology textbooks
  • World history I
  • World history II
  • Social studies workbooks
  • Atlases
  • Miscellaneous books
  • American literature
  • Elementary math textbooks

Lab Equipment on Its Way: 2012

Truck with new lab equipment
Equipment being packed Lab equipment being packed

The Chemistry Lab Takes Shape:
Doors, Windows and Desks

lab windows, doors and desks lab windows, doors and desks
Dr. Eugene Shannon inspecting the Chemistry Lab.
lab windows, desks and doors lab windows, desks and doors
The walls have been painted. Desks have arrived. Stools are still to come.
lab windows, desks and doors lab windows, desks and doors
Bookshelves. The teacher's desk and a poster on the wall.
lab windows, desks and doors lab windows, desks and doors
lab windows, desks and doors lab windows, desks and doors
The completed windows with security bars.
lab windows, desks and doors lab windows, desks and doors
The completed doors.

Fundraiser and Homecoming Honors Mr. Emanual L. Shaw II

EHS/EES-Liberia held another very successful fundraiser and homecoming event on the St. John's Campus on Saturday, June 30, 2011. The Distinguished Honoree this year was Mr. Emanuel L. Shaw II, class of 1964. The Emanuel Shaw Foundation made an initial contribution of $25,000 (U.S.) toward the reconstruction initiatives. Total contributions and pledges made was $82,000 (U.S.).

The program also included installation of the newly elected officers of the Association in Liberia: Ernie Bruce (president), Rev. Edgar Freeman (Vice President), Mrs. Dabah M.Varpilah (Secretary), Ms. Mabel Boyd (Treasurer), and Ms. Elizabeth Dempster (Chaplain).

For photos of the event, see Pictures from the 134th Anniversary Souvenir Program, 2012 Home Coming on TLC Africa.

Elections Held for the Liberian Chapter of the EHS-EES Alumni Association

Elections for officers of the Liberian chapter of EHS-EES were also held on June 7, 2012, at Congotown. Officers have been elected to serve for one year until the constitution has been reviewed. The nnew officers are: Ernest Bruce (president), Rev. Edgar Freeman (Vice President), Dabah Varpilah (Secretary), Mabel Boyd (treasurer), and Elizabeth Dempster (chaplain).

Dabah Mabande-Varpilah, new secretary Ernie Bruce, new president
Dabah Mabande-Varpilah: newly elected secretary Ernie Bruce: newly elected president of the Association
Edgar Freeman--newly elected Vice President Mabel Boyd, treasurer
Edgar Freeman: newly elected vice president Mabel Boyd: newly elected treasurer
S. Jabaru Carlon
S. Jabaru Carlon Eugene Shannon conducting the election process
Victor Gailor presenting white ballot
Gladys Johnson Vu Golakai
Alice Roques
Ola David
Alfred T. Konuwa Edison Gbana, current president
Elizabeth Dempster
Elizabeth Dempster, newly elected chaplain, conducting prayers
Joanna Paasewe Hill Muana Ville
Victor Gailor S. Boima Ville
Mrs. Abel Massalee Edgar Freeman, new elected VP, & Frances Jones
Ernie Bruce & Frances Jones Frances Jones & Sadia Bruce
Ernie Bruce & Abel Massalee
Ernie Bruce & Frances Jones

Proposed Project Land Identification and Rapid Appraisal, EHSA Agricultural Project

The proposed project area is located in Garwula District, Grand Cape Mount County, Republic of Liberia, and West Africa. The proposed project land is under community land ownership title that was donated to Episcopal Mission in Robertsport City for agriculture and philanthropic purposes through the intervention and appeal of the late president Barclay on behalf of the mission. The deed which was later probated and assigned in 1952 by the late president William V.S. Tubman.

During the Land Identification team  and rapid appraisal mission, the deed of the said land was prevailed/displaced to the members of the team including Simon R. Karbah, Vice Present, EHS Alumni Association (local Chapter), Ernest Bruce- Executive member EHSAA,  Alfred T. Konuwa-Member EHSAA , Clement kimber- Chairman, Diocesan Board of Education/Episcopal Diocese of Liberia, and Suliman V. Kamara , project consultant  by  Clement Kimber, Member EHSAA and Chairman, diocesan Board of education/Episcopal Diocese of Liberia. For more, click here...

Successful Musical Fundraiser

We recently experienced our first significant and successful fund raising event in Liberia on Friday, June 17, on the campus of the University of Liberia. The event was covered by several media entities here, including the newspaper Front Page Africa.

Elementary School RenovationAppreciation for St. John's Episcopal Church in Worthington, OH

Renovations have been done on the Episcopal Elementary School. From the photos below, you can see that we are truly blessed.

The renovation was sponsored by the St. John's Episcopal Church parish in Worthington, Ohio, through the instrument of alumna Rev. Mother Abeoseh M. Fleminster, assistant priest of the church.

Students and Principal Siafa Mendemasse

The donation for this project came from the church's Millenium Development Goals Fund. Upon hearing the news about the project funding, Mother Fleminster follwed the protocol and immediately informed our leadership. We thanked Mother Fleminster for her efforts in finding ways to help us with the reconstruction and rebuilding efforts for our beloved alma mater.

You see the staff, students, and principal working on the project so that, at the end, there will be a conducive learning environment for the students, teachers, and staff.

Truly indeed, this is the kind of effort we all, as members of this association, either individually or collectively, can give back to these schools. As you see what one alumna has done, so you too, can assist in these endeavors.

Once again, we want to thank Rev. Mother Fleminster, Father Philip A. College, and the entire membership of St. John's Episcopal Churh for your generosity. May God bless you all.

Bowen Cottage Reconstruction

To God be the glory. Great things will happen.

This collection of photos shows the reconstruction of the Bowen Cottage, which was last occupied by Boss Washington and destroyed during the Civil War.

The Phillip P.T.R. Bowen Sr., the Edwin O. Fahnbulleh, and the George Washington Sr./Farhat families made a commitment during our 10th Anniversary meeting in Maryland that they would undertake to rebuild the residence. The photos show that work on the structure has begun.

We want to thank these three families and especially their head, Dr. Hannah Abeodu-Bowen Jones, for their generosity. At our last Board and Executive Committee meeting, she told us that after the building is complete, it will be turned over to the alumni association for use by the staff.

Let us all follow the examples of these individuals and assist your alma mater. Remember that the Association alone cannot do it. You can help individually, by groups, or collectively.

Again, our thanks and appreciation to these families.

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori Visits the Schools in 2010

Bishop Roskam
Bishop Schori and Bishop Hart.
Bishop Schori is greeted upon arrival. Dr. A.E. Nyema Jones at the organ in Irving Memorial Chapel.
Mr. Diamond Mason (acolyte at Irving Memorial). Mr. Varney James (teacher at EHS).
Inside Irving Memorial Chapel.
Bishop Schori delivers the sermon.  

Bishops Schori and Hart on the food line in Brunot Hall.

Left to right: Boimah Kromah, Edison Gbana, and Bishop Schori with a barracuda.  
Bishop and entourage enter Brunot Hall on St. John's for the reception.
Boimah Kromah and S.K. Massaley present a gift to Bishop Schori.
S.K. Massaley chats with Bishop Schori. The bishops visit Bethany & Elementary Schools.
The bishops survey the Science Complex at St. John's.
Joanna Paasewe Hill and a friend on the Bethany campus.
Bishop Schori with Kiazolu and others on the Bethany campus. Varney Sherman and Varney James in Library at EHS.


Giving Back Program, Nov. 27, 2009
Sponsored by the Liberian Chapter of EHS/EES

Honorees Mr. William T. Bruce, Sr., Engineer; Ms. Lydia Zoe Caine, Educator; Dr. Eugene H. Shannon, Minister, Lands, Mines & Energy; Justice Gladys Kiawion-Johnson, Associate Justice of Liberia; Dr. Emmet A. Dennis, President, University of Liberia.
Lawrence M. Doe Edesu Ghana
Alumnus Lawrence M. Doe (passed) and Sarah Passewe An alumnus and Edison Gbana, president of the Liberian Chapter, EHS/EES
President of the Liberian EHS/EES chapter Coordinators Ernest Bruce and Joana Hall
Edison Gbana, president of the Liberian Chapter of the EHS/EES Coordinators Ernest Bruce and Joana Hill
Ernest Bruce Joana Hill, Ernest Bruce, and
Ernest Bruce, coordinator Coordinators Joana Hill and Ernest Bruce, with honoree Dr. Eugene H. Shannon
Mary Brownell and honoree Lydia Zoe Caine Presenter Dr. William Allen and honoree Dr. Emmet A. Dennis
Presenter Mary Brownell and honoree Lydia Zoe Caine Presenter Dr. William Allen and honoree Dr. Emmet A. Dennis
Presenter Mrs. Ettie David-Tarpeh, Minister of Labor, Youth & Spirits and honoree Dr. Eugene Musa H. Shannon Presentation to honoree Justice Gladys Kiawion-Johnson, Associate Justice of Liberia
Presenter Mrs. Ettie David-Tarpeh, Minister of Labor, Youth & Sports, and honoree Dr. Eugene H. Shannon Presentation to Justice Gladys Kiawion-Johnson, Associate Justice of Liberia, by Justice Karbineh Ja'neh
Honoree Dr. Emmet A. Dennis Mrs. Amelia Ward
Honoree Dr. Emmet A. Dennis

Mrs. Amelia Ward

Alumna J. Hoff Alumnus Dr. Jabaru Carlon
Alumna J. Hoff Alumnus Dr. Jabaru Carlon
Mr. C. Urey, Mahel Boyd, and guest J. Hoff, Mahel Boyd, Sarah Passewe
Mr. C. Urey, Mahel Boyd, and guest J. Hoff, Mahel Boyd, and Sarah Passewe
Guests Guests
Guests Guests
Guests Guests
Alumni Alumnus Victor Garber and guest
Alumni Alumnus Victor Gaylor and guest
Singing the school's anthem
Singing the school's anthem