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St. John's and House of Bethany Epsicopal School EHS Memorial Wall


"Blessed are the dead who from now on die in the Lord... they will rest from their labors, for their deeds follow them." (Revelations, 14:13, NRSV)

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Thomas Bai Sherman Sr. Nancywood Maima Sherman Edwin Bai Sherman Thomas Bai Sherman Jr.
Rachael Outland Sherman Robert Moley Sherman James Gbessie Paasewe Wonde Valisius Paasewe
Amelia Musu Paasewe George Makei Kiadii Gayah Freeman Arthur B. Abdullai, Sr.
Sowolo Kamara Abdullai Rosalind Abdullai Reeves Albert N. Nebo, Sr. Mary Urey Nebo

Eliza B. N. Jones

J. A. H. Jones Amy Esther Jones Janet Hoff
M. Fahnbulleh Jones S. Momolu Kiawu Alliette Benson Jones Janet M. Kiawu
Ovetta S. Jones Williams Dwalu Kiawu Varney H. Sherman Virginia N. Sherman
John W. F. Sherman The Rev. John G. Coleman Mother Louise J. Coleman Octavious A. Coleman
Robert D. Coleman Lawrence Doe Rev. Dr. Christopher Kei Kandakai

Christopher Kei Kandakai Jr.

Bennetta Sadie Kandakai Delano Sonii
King, Sr.
James B. Freeman Janet Hoff
Ralph G. Perry Massa J. Jimmeh Frederick W.
Davis, Jr.
Eva W. Sherman
Sarah W. Sherman W. Varney Gray George Magnus Kiawoin George Boima Sherman
Justine Je Je Sherman Ann-Elizabeth Teetee McMcormick-Ware Albert Dondo Ware I James Borbor Ware I
Samuel Kortu Ware Rachel Fefette Kongor Ware Gertrude Miama Borwolo Ware – Bright Famata Jebeh Keturah Ware-Ireland
Evelyn Sando Ware-Dinkins George Bombo Ware  II Frank Kona Ware II Sylvia L. Mesi Gbayngba-Harris
Nina Wyeii Ware James Walahai  Kromah George Bombo
Ware  l
Frederick Seitua
Gertrude M.
Hawa M. Ware Albert Dondo
Ware, Sr.
George B. Sherman
Albert Kini Freeman Joseph Buxton

Albert Z. Tombekai

Joanna M. Tombekai

Prince A. Tombekai

Tenneh Fahnbulleh

Joseph A. Buxton

Philip T. Bowen Sr.

Hannah L Bowen Jean Benson
Edwin Gbessie Freeman
Sando Kandakai Freeman
Randolph Gbanya
G. Henry Andrew
A. Tamu Diggs
William T. Fahnbulleh
Georgia Beatrice Williams Mrs. V. Mietta Sherman-White Mr. G. Fole Sherman Mr. G. Varney Freeman

Mr. Arthur  B. Abdullai Sr.

Mrs. Sowolo Kamara Abdullai

Mrs. Rosaline Abdullai Reeves

Mr. Albert N. Nebo Sr.

Mrs. Mary Urey Nebo

Rev. Dr. E. Bolling Robertson Mr. James Tuning Mr. Napoleon B. Thorpe
Rev. Emmanuel D. Hodges James Tuning Paul S. Freeman

R. Folie Sherman Sr.

Famatta Jalaiba Sherman

Alice Y. Sherman

Ma Yatta Fahnbulleh-Sherman

Benjamin Mason

Joanna T. Diggs-Hoff

Catharine C. Barnaby Samuel L. Freeman Pauline T. Freeman
Fr. J. D. K. Baker Mother Marguerite Baker Dr. Christian W. Baker, Sr. Nathaniel Baker, Sr.
M. Walter Goda Baker Bertha Baker-Azango Grace Baker Morris Martha B. Oldfield
Carlos Ajavon Martha C. Wede Baker Lydia M. Baker Fr. Samuel F. Dennis
Mother Louise Dennis J. Bai Paasewe, Sr. Irene J. Paasewe Henry Batine Baker I
Sarah Adaline Hoff E. C. B. Jones, Sr. Georgia S. Jones Justine Nimely
Elizabeth Y. Hare Mercie Dennis Cole Nora M. Dennis Sianen Hare
Daola Terry Moses H. Y. Dennis Sarah C. Kennedy James Edwin Morgan
Clement W. Morgan Edna Morgan-Cassell Rachael Nimely Alexander Moore, Sr.
J. Bendukai Sherman Majohn Sherman

Gabriel E. Wesley Sr.

Jerusha Artu Wesley
Gail Stewart S. P. Freeman Gladys Freeman Tom Nimely
Ma Zoe Fahnbulleh Jackson M. Fahnbulleh Frank Kona Ware I Sylvester J. Thomas
Lionel R. Thomas Priscilla Thomas-Freeman Edward J. Gray Deweh Gray-Wiles
James B. Lumei Edwin M. Rodgers John V. Harvey Asama P. C. Kamara
Abu Gasumu Kamara Emily M. Kamara Alfred J. Kromah Fr. Charles Howell
Walter Derbyshire Hawa Kona Kladii Gbende Kamo Gray Tamakai Jangaba
Boima Moore Miatta Zoldua Bindu Mamba Sherman James T. Yarsiah, Jr.
Zwannah Sirleaf Tata Sherman Lorpu Mamee Dr. Antonio C. Viddy, Sr.
Antonio C. Viddy, Jr. Austin M. Freeman Hannah Freeman C. Gyude Bryant I
C. Gyude Bryant II Dianna Bryant Dr. Ayodele Oyefeso Wilfred Alake Williams Sr.
Patience T. Williams Ola C. Davis C. Alake Williams, Sr. Emma Bernard
Jeanette Gibson Charles D.B. Cole Doko Kaidii Mother Mietta Kaidii
Heldia Williams Uras B. Freeman Elizabeth Gordon Freeman Edwin Owen Fahnbullah
Maamusu Martha Jean Fahnbullah Patrick K. Johnson Moore E. James Sarah Coleman-Kandakai
Alpha Kandakai Hazel B. Johnson Cllr. Nelson William Broderick Farmatta Snetter
Foday Massaquoi Silas Massaquoi Lucy Zelee Genevieve McClain-Yhap
Martha Shannon Mattie-Mae Nebo Abdullai George M. Freeman Florence Albertha Webster-Allen

To Add a Name to the Memorial Wall:

It is $50.00 per deceased to be memoralized. There is no limit as to who can be memorialized on this wall: Parents, uncles, aunts, etc.

The easiest way to create a memorial is via PayPal. On the PayPal page, please fill in the name of the person you wish to honor. Look for the question, "Who is this in memory of?"

You can pay by credit or debit card with PayPal. If you prefer to use a check or money order, send it to:

William C. Paasewe
National Treasurer
1220 Hogan Ridge Drive
Grayson, GA 30017

Please make checks or money orders payable to EHS/EES Alumni Association/USA. All funds collected will go toward our reconstruction projects. 

If you send a check, please give us the name of the person you wish to memorialize, his or her sunrise and sunset dates, your name, and a phone number at which you can be reached.